The new network is here, shattering classic network planning assumptions as it eliminates barriers of time and distance to support end user demands for a range of high-bandwidth applications and supported devices (BYOD). Tune in to The New Network podcast series to learn about the latest technologies and applications enabling organizations to change the way they do business, streamline operations and enhance their customers’ experience. Listen here or launch in iTunes.

IP network traffic is forecast to grow nearly 300% over the next five years and broadband speeds are expected to double to keep up.1 Businesses need network connections that can support today’s key applications and cost-effectively scale to capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. Learn from the president of a fast-growing company that has transformed its business and created market differentiation by leveraging video, big data analytics, the Internet of things, and fiber-optic networking.

1 “Cisco Visual Networking Index,” May 2015

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